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I am the result of an Urban Therapy salon owner and his former stylists. I was launched as Twisted Sista in the 1990’s in London, UK, and then I traveled to the United States in 2006.  Next thing I knew, I traveled around the globe, now being sold in places like South Africa, Nigeria and various parts of the Caribbean.

I am the only salon-inspired hair care brand at an affordable price for textured hair consumers providing a range of healthy infused products catering to women worldwide with curly, coily, kinky, wavy and frizzy hair.

As a Twisted Sista, I feel you deserve at home salon performance, professional tips, creative style, moisture and shine giving you a twist to showcase your own unique self.  Urban Therapy Twisted Sista provides just that. 

Twisted Sista celebrates individuality and shun assimilating with the crowd.  A Twisted Sista brings international style and attitude to life in everything she does and touches.  Twisted Sista is global and is #wherecurlsoftheworldunite!

My ingredient standard is pure and simple.  My product line is sulfate, paraben and phthalate free with a combination or plant derivatives and fruits that are known to contribute to healthy hair results such as:

Coconut Oil  is the richest natural source of vitamins, minerals, nutrients and medium fatty acids known to be very nourishing.

Benefit:  The key to nourishing the scalp and dry hair due to environment temperatures.  It is also great to repair preventing split ends and frizz resulting in controlled shiny hair!

Avocado Oil contains saturated contents even higher than olive oil.  It is lightweight with vitamins A, B, D, E, protein, amino and folic acids. It also has natural humectant properties and is a natural SPF to protect hair from “sun” environments.

Benefit: Easily absorbs moisture into hair and scalp.  Restores hair and scalp each use to maintain healthy shiny growing hair!

Almond Oil  contains all kinds of vital  nutrients and minerals, such as vitamin E that is ideal for keeping healthy hair, therefore promoting growth and minimizing split ends to control frizzies. 

Benefit: conditions, nourishes and smooths cuticles to grow thick strong hair!